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Celine Men’s Summer 24: Hedi Slimane’s Artistic Mastery in “Delusional Daydream”

Celine Men’s Summer 24: Hedi Slimane’s Artistic Mastery in “Delusional Daydream”

A close-up of a model from the Celine Homme Summer 24 collection, featuring a blond shaggy hairstyle, modern sunglasses, and a white jacket with contrasting lapels. Details include a slim black tie and a delicate cross pendant necklace against a golden mirrored backdrop.

Hedi Slimane, the mastermind behind Celine’s latest men’s collection, once again redefines men’s classics with “Delusional Daydream” for Summer 24. Unveiled through an innovative film after the initial show’s cancellation, Slimane’s collection merges the realms of fashion and art in an unparalleled display of luxury and aesthetics. The film, shot across iconic locations in Paris and Monaco, is a visual feast, celebrating Slimane’s unique sartorial vision.

“Delusional Daydream” by Hedi Slimane, capturing the essence of Celine’s Summer 24 collection. (Video courtesy of Celine)

A Tribute to 20th Century Aesthetics

Celine’s Summer 24 collection retains a 20th-century fashion motif, where Slimane’s artistic flair is evident in every piece. From the couture bustiers inspired by French 17th-century court portraits to the tailored silhouettes reminiscent of Slimane’s early days at Dior Homme, each element is a blend of historical homage and modern innovation.

An ensemble from Celine’s Summer 24 collection, showcasing Slimane’s blend of historical and modern design. (Image courtesy of Celine/Getty Images)

Incorporating New York’s Artistic Beat

The collection also pays tribute to New York’s vibrant art scene, with artworks from the Dash Snow Archive adding depth and context. These artistic inclusions resonate with the collection’s theme, bridging the gap between fashion and fine art.

Models stride through a golden mirrored runway, showcasing the bold and edgy looks from Celine’s Men’s Summer 24 collection, capturing the daring spirit of Hedi Slimane’s “Delusional Daydream”. (Image courtesy of Celine)

A Sartorial and Playful Journey

Slimane’s “Delusional Daydream” is both sartorially profound and playfully engaging. The collection, rich with edgy, cool, and sophisticated pieces, features an array of luxurious fabrics and sleek designs. A subtle yet cherished highlight is the pink bow tie, a symbol of Slimane’s meticulous attention to detail.

The iconic pink bow tie from Celine’s Summer 24 collection, a symbol of Hedi Slimane’s detailed craftsmanship. (Image courtesy of Celine/Getty Images)

In conclusion, Hedi Slimane’s “Delusional Daydream” for Celine is not just a fashion collection; it’s an artistic movement. It’s a testament to Slimane’s ability to blend historical influences with contemporary styles, creating a highly desirable and timeless collection that continues to push the boundaries of men’s fashion.

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