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Celine women’s winter 2022

Celine women’s winter 2022

celine women winter 2022

Hedi Slimane presents the CELINE women’s winter 2022 show. Shown at two historical monuments in Paris, the French capital, the collection is apty named ‘DANS PARIS.’ The newly restored Salons d’Apparat of the Hôtel de la Marine, an historic 18th century building on Place de la Concorde, held Celine as its first show and campaign.

Historically, the Grand Gallery hosted lavish receptions in the 19th and 20th Centuries. Further, Napoleon and King Charles X held balls for coronations in the Salons d’Apparat.

The second setting is at Hôtel National des Invalides on the west bank of Paris. The show begins in the main courtyard in the heart of the building. For the inaugural Celine show in 2018, Slimane erected an architectural pavilion set on the ground of the Hôtel. For this collection, Slimane has revealed a new pavilion structure.

The soundtrack for the show is “Byron is Dead,” from the musical project Hennessey by Leah Hennessey of New York. The song recalls the musicians obsession with the 19th Century poet Lord Byron.

The collection is full of Parisian glamour and takes no shortcuts to get there. There are several nods to Slimane’s previous collections for Celine. The influences range from Slimane’s first women’s shows for CELINE. 70s Parisian style has long been an influence for CELINE. Furthermore, Comic Cruiser and CELINE Monaco 8 also inform this collection. The signatures for these shows are contrasting styles repurposed together. Oversized sweaters walk with skirts of an exotic pattern, is a classic example. Finally, evening wear also stands out this season. Several sequin dresses channel the enduring sparkle and energy of Paris at night.

Explore the full CELINE women’s winter 2022 show below, images courtesy of Celine.

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