CELINE’s TOMBOY Collection: Reveling in Rebellious Elegance at Paris’ Bibliothèque Nationale

October 20, 2023

CELINE Bibliothèque Nationale de France

The world stood still as CELINE's Summer 24 collection made its grand entrance, not on a conventional runway, but through the hallowed halls of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France. Here, Hedi Slimane chose to unveil the TOMBOY collection, a narrative not only sewn with threads but also interwoven with the rich fabric of Parisian culture and the intellectual gravitas symbolized by this revered institution.

Literary elegance meets fashion innovation at CELINE 19 - Summer 24

Beyond the Pages: A Realm of Fashion's Making

Set against a backdrop of literary treasures spanning centuries, the TOMBOY collection found its natural habitat within the hallowed halls of intellect and culture. It embodied not just boldness and visionary creativity but also a storied legacy that resonated deeply with the masterpieces lining the shelves.

With an artistic flourish, Slimane transmuted the quiet power of the written word into a chapter of fashion. Each ensemble emerged as a unique narrative, presenting a fresh identity — an archetype sprung from the pages into the collection. These bold statements, rich with historical echoes and contemporary edge, harmonized with CELINE's enduring ethos, encapsulating a dialogue between the past's grandeur and today's rebellious spirit.

Channeling historical opulence with a daring leopard print, juxtaposed by the rebellious spirit of maroon lace-up boots, reminiscent of counterculture vibes.

The CELINE Woman Recast: Identity, Reimagined

With the TOMBOY collection, Slimane seems to reach into the annals of timeless elegance and contemporary defiance, creating a wardrobe for a generation unafraid to rewrite the rules. The collision of rocker mod aesthetics with quintessential French grace is a welcome respite. From the audaciousness of high-laced boots standing tall to the understated sophistication of opulent detailing, each piece showcases a balanced dichotomy, offering a seamless transition from runway grandeur to the tactile realism of streetwear.

Channeling timeless elegance with a touch of modern defiance: Slimane's TOMBOY collection for the bold generation rewriting fashion's rules.

Embracing Dualities: Past and Future Intertwined

Notable within the collection are the elements that celebrate the brand’s heritage while forging forward. The exquisite craftsmanship is evident in cut-out dresses that flirt with audacity, while Slimane’s signature streamlined aesthetics return, redefined, speaking to a world expanding in complexity and challenge. The incorporation of ethically conscious shearling and a fur free collection underscores a commitment not just to aesthetic, but to a global conversation, affirming that luxury and responsibility can indeed walk hand in hand.

From Bourgeois Bohème to modern mastery, Slimane's CELINE seamlessly fuses eras. These leather bellbottom pants epitomize a harmonious blend of rocker panache and timeless French elegance, encapsulating an innovative confluence of styles.

Contrasted Harmony: The French Aesthetic, Rebelliously Revisited

In this collection, traditional French elegance doesn’t just meet the insurgent flair of rock; they collide. Imagine the unexpected harmony of bell-bottoms, herringbone, and the utilitarian grace of a buttoned work shirt. The iconic moment, however, belongs to the meeting of creeper shoes and punk rock bravura, sophisticatedly draped under the classic contours of an MA-1 cockpit jacket, all punctuated with CELINE's emblematic handbag. Here, Slimane articulates a rebellious poetry, a contrast that embodies the TOMBOY thematics of the collection.

An electrifying blend of punk rock audacity meets the timeless MA-1 cockpit jacket silhouette, grounded by edgy creeper shoes and crowned with CELINE's signature handbag. In this ensemble, Slimane crafts a symphony of defiance, encapsulating the 'TOMBOY' essence of the collection.

Slimane's Ode within Fashion's Pantheon

The TOMBOY collection is Slimane's bold proclamation, where the lines between epochs and aesthetics, luxury and rebellion, erudition and fashion, don’t just blur; they disintegrate. It's an invitation to a realm where these dichotomies coexist and are celebrated. With this collection, Slimane doesn’t merely propose trends; he unlocks an experience, defining a sanctuary where the CELINE woman—complex, confident, and unapologetically eclectic—reigns supreme.

This isn't merely a chapter in fashion; it’s a bold composition in the epic of sartorial storytelling, acknowledging life’s multifaceted journey and the intricate wardrobe it warrants. In the silent, revered ambiance of the library, Slimane has indeed penned a masterpiece, crafting not just clothes, but the very culture they represent.