Chanel fall winter 2022

March 9, 2022

Virginie Viard presents the Chanel fall winter 2022 collection as part of Paris Fashion Week. Devoting the collection to tweed as tribute, Viard imagines "tweeds in the colors of the Scottish countryside." Gabrielle Chanel is said to gather ferns and bouquets of flowers on her long walks which in turn inspired the local artisans who worked on her designs.

She goes on to describe a story with the Duke of Westminster who Chanel made her own. "There's nothing sexier than wearing the clothes of the person you love," Viard explains.

Despite having strong roots in the archives and history of Chanel, Viard updates the collection this season to reflect a full spectrum of color. The digital world we are living in reflects this and gives Chanel a younger and more daring appeal for a new generation.

Explore the Chanel fall winter 2022 collection below, images courtesy of Chanel.