Charli XCX drops her fifth album, ‘Crash’

March 18, 2022

Charli XCX album crash

Pop wonder, Charli XCX, drops her 12 song album album titled "Crash" today. Perhaps an extended concept off her hit EP, Vroom Vroom, which arguably changed the genre forever, it's packed with proven hits like "Good Ones" and "Every Rule."

As one of the most prolific pop artists, Charli XCX shows she can still put out the bangers. Straddled somewhere in-between pop and indie pop, Charli rose from her early beginnings writing music for acts like Icona Pop in 2012. She has since left a trail of music that has gone on to inspire a new generation of musicians where she is permanently in the rotation.

Have a listen below and make sure to wear your seatbelt. Read more music news on Rain.

Instagram: @charlixcx