Choosing your engagement ring: vintage or modern?

July 9, 2024

Both vintage and modern rings are available in a choice of styles with different metals and gemstones and have been crafted to last a lifetime. So how to choose between the two? Get an insight into the main differences between these options and the main things you should consider when selecting your engagement ring. 

Vintage rings

Created decades ago, vintage rings are pieces of history that hark back to times gone by. They’re a fantastic choice if your style aligns with particular eras like 60s mod and 20s glamour, you’re planning a vintage wedding or you prefer the intricate designs of Victorian or Edwardian jewellery which are rarely replicated nowadays. Art Deco rings which contrast geometric gemstones with floral detailing like Jackie Kennedy’s toi et moi design are especially popular. 

Reusing rings also supports the current trend for sustainable shopping, reducing waste and the demand for mining activities.

Modern rings

Made using the latest techniques in metalwork and gem-cutting, modern options are considered to be the safest choice for engagement rings that stand the test of time. Resistant to tarnishing and scratches and with gemstones expertly shaped to maximise shine, modern rings properly cared for will continue looking as good as new. When bought brand-new from a reputable jeweller, they’ll come with a warranty too for extra security.

There is a wider variety of rings on offer than ever before, and you can even work with a jeweller to design your ring from scratch to perfectly personalise it to your preferences.

Things to consider when choosing an engagement ring

1. Think timeless not trends

It can be easy to get caught up in jewellery trends, but remember how quickly fashion can change and opt for a timeless style instead. Vintage rings are classic by nature, or you can design a ring you know you’ll love forever.

2. Decide what you want to spend

Decide how much you should spend on your engagement ring and keep that in mind when browsing. The metal, gemstone size and style, jeweller, and how it’s made can all affect the price. Determined to buy a diamond? Prioritise the cut above the carat, clarity and colour as this has the most impact on the look, increasing or decreasing the diamond’s dazzle.

3. Consider your lifestyle

You’ll be wearing your engagement ring every day, so consider your lifestyle before confirming your choice. Those who work with their hands or in harsh conditions should opt for more durable metals and settings that are not easily damaged.

4. Buy from a trusted supplier

Finally, whether you go vintage or modern, ensure you buy your engagement ring from a trusted supplier. They’ll be able to advise you on and assist with care and maintenance, and you can be sure of the quality of this precious piece of jewellery.