Christopher Esber Illuminates Paris Fashion Week with his Spring Summer 2024 Collection

September 30, 2023

Christopher Esber, the renowned Australian designer, marked his presence at Paris Fashion Week with a display of artistic brilliance, revealing his Spring Summer 2024 collection at the prestigious Cité de l'architecture et du patrimoine. The collection sets a new precedent in the realms of elegance and fluidity.

Exploring Sensuality through Material and Body

Esber’s creations delve into the meeting between materials and the human form, echoing primal sensations and the raw allure of fabric. Each piece is a composition of drapes and reconstructions, resonating with nature.

Metamorphosis of Signature Hardware

Signature hardware transforms into novel metallic frameworks, supporting refined draping and accentuating the construction to spotlight the body’s contour. Classical shapes reinvent themselves, dissecting and restructuring to reveal a redefined elegance.

Palette of Nature’s Whisper

The collection blooms in a palette inspired by nature; foundational tones of stone and sand, whispers of butter yellow and pistachio, and strands of vibrant red weave through the creations. Ghost Chantilly lace and silk double-faced boucle float and flutter, creating a visual symphony.

Detailing is a standout element in Esber’s collection, exemplified by intricacies like a handwoven macramé turtleneck adorned with metal-backed faceted stones, each piece reflecting days of meticulous handcrafting. The sophistication is elevated with translucent crushed pleats, edged in alpaca fringing, mimicking the textures of glaciers, and paired with sheer organza layered over tailored pants and denim, each adding a distinctive layer of refinement.

Sustainable Elegance and Innovative Tailoring

Incorporating sustainability, Esber utilizes leaves of biomaterial from riverbanks and tropical forests to craft tailored ensembles, connecting each leaf to create singular fabric pieces. The stone-shaped sculptural leather bag brings an earthly elegance, grounding each creation to the essence of nature.

Christopher Esber’s Spring Summer 2024 collection is a visual and sensory odyssey through innovative design and profound connections with nature and form. It's not merely a collection, but a rich narrative of elegance, sustainable innovation, and meticulous craftsmanship, establishing Esber as a luminary in high fashion. Discover more at