Christopher Kane spring summer 2023

September 21, 2022

christopher kane ss23

Christopher Kane showed the spring summer 2023 collection as part of London Fashion Week. See the full collection below.


Science and Nature are a constant source of inspiration for Christopher Kane.

This collection is a celebration of the beauty and complexity of the human body. Revealing the beauty of what is inside each of us, Christopher uses the internal structures of the human body, and the minimalism of Physicians uniforms to create a collection that is intended to empower and thrill.

The show starts with Puritanical pastel silk organza skirt suits, with fold-back hems trimmed in delicate rose lace, split to the thigh. The folds are a reference to dissected layers of skin. Clear skeletal structures hold and cinch the upper body with miniscule buckles, emphasising the strength and importance of the abdominal area and exterior muscles.

These skeletal frames hold delicate sweet lingerie-inspired dresses with splits that expose the longest and strongest bone in the body, the Femur. Outfits featuring applique anatomical cross section drawings of hands, arms, legs and feet are symbolic of power and strength. Muscle and Bone intimidate and seduce simultaneously.

Transparent skins over dresses both protect and reveal. Traditional and conservative twinset knits are subverted to suspend from shoulders by silver trigger hooks. Inspiration came from the young Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret roaming the grounds of Balmoral. Look 40 is a nod to her last official photograph taken in Scotland.

A single short black mini dress in duchess satin follows the architecture of a traditional Nurse’s cap. Shoes have blade like points that are both brutal and sweet, sometimes horns sometimes swallow wings.

Flowers are intrinsic to everyday life, they deliver messages of love, celebrations, and condolences. Baby pink rose prints appear in full bloom in short nurse outfits and semi-sheer knits. Flowers express things that cannot be spoken.