Collina Strada spring summer 2023

September 17, 2022

collina strada ss23

Collina Strada showed the GOT MILKWEED? spring summer 2023 collection as part of New York Fashion Week.

For Spring 2023, Collina Strada presents GOT MILKWEED? a collection based on the butterfly’s symbolic cycle of life, death, and rebirth and its literal role in fueling the world’s plants, including those we turn into fabric. The looks debut at the Brooklyn Greenway, a former cemetery turned monarch butterfly preserve that uses local, intentional flora—like milkweed, the only plant monarch caterpillars will eat—to bring pollinators back into NYC.

Models flutter through the garden in floaty gowns made from orange fiber organza, ready to rule the red carpet in responsibly-crafted, regenerative pieces that can conquer Hollywood without wrecking any actual woods. The looks take us from funky caterpillar era to full butterfly glow-up, even as the collection embraces the reality that we are all in that mysterious gooey in-between place in our journey to do better by Mommy Earth.

Materials used include deadstock denim and satin, rose-derived sylk, orange fiber organza, and acrylic scraps reborn as knitwear... because even if we can’t be emotionally available, we can always be bioavailable.