Converse celebrates the launch of a new shoe the AS-1 Pro with pro skater Alexis Sablone

May 3, 2023

Converse unveils a new signature silhouette with designer Olympian and pro skater Alexis Sablone, the AS-1 Pro. In a new film directed by Jeremy Elkin, Sablone is seen skating down the iconic spiral ramp of Frank Lloyd Wright's Guggenheim Museum, becoming the first person ever to do so. Sablone joins an esteemed list of artists who have used the Guggenheim as a canvas for inspiration.

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Alexis Sablone

Alexis Sablone

Olympian, architect, sculptor, painter, producer, and pro skater Sablone put her multi-disciplinary touch on the Converse AS-1 Pro. Meticulously designed by hand, Sablone wanted to create her shoe with form and function for skaters and enthusiasts. Unveiled on the ground level of the Guggenheim, Sablone also unveiled an art installation she designed that echoed the design elements of the museum. A green ramp-like structure mimics the existing museum space, while the AS-1 Pro appears in bubble displays and against mirrors which both resonate with the elements of the museum.

Alexis Sablone

AS-1 Pro

The AS-1 Pro is Converse’s first performance skateboarding cupsole offering. Crafted with a newly engineered coring that enables increased impact cushioning and optimized board feel, the outsole also touts a visible herringbone pattern intricately refined to Alexis’ specifications to help optimize grip between the board and shoe. The silhouette features a CX foam sock liner for cushioning, and with adjustment to the height of the rubber on the laterals, the AS -1 Pro can handle the demands of all types of riders. 

After obsessing over the details alongside the Converse design team at every step, a new silhouette emerged. The AS-1 Pro takes aesthetic and technical inspiration from Converse basketball and court silhouettes of the 80s while leveraging its innovative performance solutions to introduce an offering that shines through its detailing. 

Explore more from the installation below, courtesy of Converse.

Alexis Sablone Converse, AS-1 Pro x Guggenheim