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Coperni fall winter 2023

Coperni fall winter 2023

Coperni Fall Winter 2023

Coperni presents the fall winter 2023 collection in Paris. The show is inspired by Jean de la Fontaine’s The Wolf and the Lamb, a cautionary tale turned on its head by Coperni for 2023. 

Collection Notes

Who are the lambs, and who are the wolves? Coperni continues its exploration between technology and humans by partnering with Boston Dynamics and featuring their Spot® robots.

In this collection, Coperni reimagines the capes and the draping of Little Red Riding Hood, exploring concepts of fragility and danger and the purity and naivety that transports us into an imaginary world of myths.

Coperni explores different concepts and recreates shapes to capture this feeling of comfort, reimagining the warmth of a blanket wrapped around the body that supports it. Explore the full collection below.

Coperni Fall Winter 2023 Collection

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