Coperni spring summer 2023

October 2, 2022

Coperni ss23 bella hadid spray dress

Coperni presents the spring summer 2023 collection as part of Paris Fashion Week. Bella Hadid showcased Coperni's avant-garde spray-on fabric, the most innovative system of the XXI century, proving that the world is always evolving and remaining to be drawn.

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Coperni Spring Summer 2023 Collection notes

Coperni Spring Summer 23 is presented in the Salle des Textiles at the National Museum of Arts et Métiers in Paris. The room was built in 1850 by Léon Vaudoyer, the museum’s architect, and was dedicated to exhibiting thread and weaving machines.

Bell Hadid closes Coperni SS23 with a spray-on-dress


Tailored looks are reimagined into hybrid pieces. Men’s tailored jackets transform into ultra-feminine dresses falling down the back as a modern crinoline, representing change—a change of nature, appearance, and time.

Trousers are slightly too big, nonchalant, and a trace of adolescence to reveal what is underneath. It’s the idea of movement and levitation around the human body. The softness of a lingerie piece, the first or final touch of a woman’s look, takes over dresses and skirts.

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The body is revealed and rediscovered, evolving constantly. Curves appear, pants are reshaped, and the bust is exaggerated. Bra cups are being used throughout the collection, even as shoulder pads.

Bell Hadid closes Coperni SS23 with a spray-on-dress


Blossoming flowers are printed on a bonded lenticular fabric adding maximum dept motion to the most classic patterns. The Power Shoulder era is reimagined, showing trench jackets, tailored blazers, and sporty bombers on matching bodysuits. Looking like a Roblox game aesthetic.

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The house’s classic cut-out garment appears in trousers, sheer mesh tops, and evening dresses for the first time. A single red dress appears in the show, hinting ‘to the woman in the red dress in the Matrix,' also pursued as the bug and forever reference at Coperni.

New trim is introduced as a key collection element on garments and accessories. The metal spiral turning around the body replaces stitching and here again evokes body transformation, movement, and flexibility.

After the Coperni glass bag seen on Fall Winter 22, the glass is broken into 1000 pieces this season. Embroidered on a delicate silk mousseline, the contrast between the harshness of the glass and the delicacy of the fabric creates an almost “hypnotizing” sonic articulation.

The swipe bag is reimagined as a unique piece in Gold 18 carat made by artisan Gabriele Veneri from SEMAR SRL factory in Italy. The Lady Bag and the Vanit-e bag join the accessory collection, both named as an allusion to the woman’s wardrobe and are redrawn in new proportions.

Bella Hadid

Innovation is key at Coperni and is part of the brand’s DNA. Coperni and Fabrican Ltd have collaborated for a futuristic fusion of science and fashion to create a live unique dress.

The performance, led by Doctor Manel Torres, leader of Fabrican Ltd and inventor of the Spray-on fabric, stars model Bella Hadid creating an experience that sublimates the female body most purely and innovatively, tempting to immortalize it. Raising also the environmental and socio-economic challenges of the fashion industry.

The spray-on fabric is the most innovative and avant-garde system of the XXI century, proving that the world is always evolving and remaining to be drawn.

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