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Crafting Scented Artistry: Gabriela Hearst and Fueguia 1833’s Fragrance Masterpiece

Crafting Scented Artistry: Gabriela Hearst and Fueguia 1833’s Fragrance Masterpiece

Gabriela Hearst and Fueguia 1833, the innovative fragrance brand, have joined forces to create an extraordinary fragrance collaboration. Introducing two distinctive scents: Paysandú and New York. This landmark collaboration signifies a new chapter for Fueguia 1833, as it marks the first time the brand has partnered with a fashion designer. For Gabriela Hearst, this collaboration marks her debut in the realm of fragrances.

Memories and Innovation: Discovering Paysandú and New York

This collaboration draws from Gabriela Hearst’s rich personal history, intertwining her roots in Paysandú with her experiences in New York. Paysandú, a fragrance as rooted in nostalgia as it is in nature, embodying childhood memories and landscapes, while New York is an ode to the strength and draw of womanhood. Both scents are infused with Julian Bedel‘s innovative expertise, which marries science and alchemy to craft pheromone potions that amplify personal fragrance.

Hitting the Right Notes: Paysandú and New York

Paysandú: A Floral Olfactory Journey

  • Main Olfactory Family: Floral
  • Secondary Olfactory Family: Aromatic
  • Tonic Note: Marcela
  • Dominant Note: Jazmín del País
  • Sub Dominant Note: Carqueja
  • Melodía: An exquisite blend featuring Limón, Espinillo Flower, Dama de Noche, Cedrón, Coronilla Wood, Cabreuva Wood, Butiá, Copaiba Resin, and Palo Santo.

New York: A Woody, Gourmand Elegance

  • Main Olfactory Family: Wood
  • Secondary Olfactory Family: Gourmand
  • Tonic Note: Fir Balsam
  • Dominant Note: Tobacco
  • Sub Dominant Note: Jacarandá Wood
  • Melodía: A captivating composition intertwining Maple Resin, Cedarwood Virginia, Vanilla Absolut, Rose Absolut, Sakura Flower, Black Pepper, Palo Santo, Patchouli, Tonka, and Nutmeg.

A Fragrance Born of Science and Nature

Julian Bedel, the visionary founder of Fueguia 1833, drew inspiration from Nobel Prize-winning research to create a new language of fragrance—musk as an amplifier of personal scent. Fueguia’s plant-based musk forms the core of both Paysandú and New York, creating a personalized aromatic aura.

Paysandú’s Botanical Symphony

Fueguia’s dedication to botanical research and scientific innovation shines through in the composition of Paysandú. Ingredients such as Marcela and Carqueja, previously untapped in perfumery, lend their unique characters to the scent. Extracted through Super Critical CO2 at Fueguia’s advanced facilities, these elements pay homage to the cultural heritage of South America.

While Paysandú encapsulates the serene essence of nature, New York takes a bolder, smokier path. Using typical North American woods, the fragrance embodies a spirit of rural elegance. It’s a testament to how these scents harmoniously reflect the dichotomy of two distinct worlds.

Experience the Launch and Limited Edition

The enchanting fragrances of Paysandú and New York are set to debut in August 2023, gracing Gabriela Hearst and Fueguia 1833 stores as well as their online platforms. The first batch of each fragrance, named I-XXII, comprises only 315 units, adding a touch of exclusivity to these olfactory masterpieces. Discover the fragrances at and

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