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Craig Green fall winter 2022

Craig Green fall winter 2022

Craig Green presents the fall winter 2022 collection as part of Paris Fashion Week. One of fashion’s greatest modern talents, Green’s traveler protagonist continues the journey under themes of transmigration, uniform, cross-cultural dialogues in a proto-identity that Green has long been defining since the label’s founding.

Treading forwards, Craig Green’s travelers have re-appeared and begin to reconnect, forming a muddied rainbow procession that lights the way to new horizons. Beneath the surface, a power is found in this intensely insulating softness, which steadily causes silhouettes to swell and blister. Puncturing garments, this rising force eventually spills outwards, creating turgid rays that spray from figures, before coiling around and crowning them.

Faced with this outpouring, Green’s men begin to harness the strength of these core streams, to finally forge stronger vessels on truer foundations. Soft form, mobile monuments to personal journeys, lined with sensorial reminders, and riveted with a determined new optimism.

Explore the full collection below, courtesy of Craig Green.

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