Dan Carter Dazzles at World Rugby Awards in Louis Vuitton

October 30, 2023


Rugby icon Dan Carter once again displayed his innate sense of style at the 2023 World Rugby Awards ceremony, held at the historically opulent Opéra Garnier. Ensconced in Louis Vuitton, Carter provided a masterclass on how the worlds of sports and high fashion can seamlessly intersect.

Dan Carter radiantly showcases his Louis Vuitton ensemble, complete with the 18k rose gold Tambour watch and the stunning High Jewelry Spirit brooch, at the 2023 World Rugby Awards. (Photo by Alexis Jacquin for World Rugby/World Rugby via Getty Images)

Sartorial Excellence

Dan Carter's ensemble bore the hallmark of sartorial sophistication: a single-breasted black wool tuxedo. Paired with a pristine white shirt and black derbies, the outfit exuded the timeless elegance Louis Vuitton is renowned for. Such a choice reaffirms the brand's position at the forefront of luxury menswear.

Accessories: Where Details Matter

In the realm of fashion, details can make or break an outfit. Carter's choices not only complemented his ensemble but became statement pieces in their own right.

His wrist was adorned with the new 18k rose gold Tambour watch, a testament to Louis Vuitton's commitment to intricate craftsmanship and design. This watch, with its sleek design and lustrous sheen, is set to be a coveted piece this season.

Yet, the pièce de résistance was the brooch from the Louis Vuitton High Jewelry Spirit collection. Comprising platinum, yellow gold, diamond, and ruby, it's a dazzling convergence of luxury materials. Such a piece signifies more than mere adornment; it's a nod to the artistry and heritage of high jewelry.

For aficionados eager to emulate Carter's impeccable style or learn more about the highlighted pieces, further details await at the Louis Vuitton website.