Daniel Lee’s Evolution of Burberry: A Celebration of British Wardrobe Archetypes and Innovative Design

June 30, 2023

Burberry, under the creative direction of Daniel Lee, takes a bold step forward, evolving its iconic fashion expression with the Spring Summer 2024 Collection. Embracing the essence of British heritage, the brand continues to celebrate classic wardrobe archetypes, reimagining them with a modern and dynamic touch. The focus remains on British motifs, the outdoors, and a closer, more tailored fit that exudes sophistication.

BURBERRY, SS24, Details, Look 11A

The Celebration of Check

One of the hallmarks of the new Burberry collection is the celebration of the Check pattern. Drawing inspiration from the brand's archives, Burberry showcases new and reimagined Check designs. A standout piece is the Happy scarf, meticulously crafted in Burberry Check cashmere, with charming fringed edges along each vertical side, adding a delightful touch to the ensemble.

BURBERRY SS24, Look 23
BURBERRY, SS24 Details, Look 23

Diverse Silhouettes

Burberry's Spring/Summer collection features an eclectic range of key pieces that resonate with diverse style preferences. Trench coats, car coats, duffle coats, blanket capes, quilts, parkas, field jackets, aviator jackets, and bomber jackets share the spotlight with contemporary additions like kilts, tracksuits, and rugby jerseys. Notably, the puffer coats with Equestrian Knight Design (EKD) details stand out as a fusion of luxury and practicality.

The Intersection of Form and Function

Refinement meets functionality in this collection. Silk chiffon dresses adorned with hoods, silk scarves looped through viscose rib-knits, and epaulettes integrated through shoulders represent the harmonious blend of aesthetics and practicality. Garments equipped with zips and press studs allow the wearer to personalize the clothes for versatility and perfect fit.

BURBERRY, SS24 Details, Look 44

Knight Blue Accents

Knight blue accents add a pop of brightness to the collection. Whether on the piping of dandelion-print silk pyjamas, the fastenings of quilted jackets, or the taping seams of car coats, the vibrant shade of blue adds a touch of elegance and energy.

BURBERRY, SS24, Look 45

A Kaleidoscope of Colors and Prints

Burberry's color palette spans a wide range, featuring sherbet, cameo, ivy, rhubarb, khaki, trench, knight blue, black, and white. Prints are a delightful celebration of joy, reflecting water elements with swan and duck prints, hinting at the idea of water resistance and proofing.

Reimagined Tailoring and Knitwear

Drawing inspiration from Savile Row's rich heritage, Burberry introduces tailored jackets with peak lapels and an hourglass waist. Classic Prince of Wales and houndstooth check jacquards are reimagined with contemporary magnification and color modifications. Knitwear features traditional patterns with an artistic twist, combining Prince of Wales check and painterly argyle intarsia knits, cricket sweaters, and sweater dresses.

BURBERRY, SS24 Details, Look 38

The New Frontier in Accessories

Burberry's accessory collection evolves with intricate designs and detailing. The Knight bag family, featuring a distinctive bridled horse clip, expands to offer various sizes, a puffy leather design, and a new bucket bag in shearling. The Shield Sling bag embraces crinkled leather or jacquard-woven Prince of Wales check, while the Shield tote introduces quilted leather with EKD-embossed details. The Muff bag, knitted in Burberry Check with a clothes-peg closure, adds a playful touch.

BURBERRY, SS24, Details, Look 28
BURBERRY, SS24, Details, Look 28

Elevated Footwear and Jewellery

Footwear takes over with Equestrian Stirrup tall boots, Stride boots, Shiny leather Baby pumps, Peep sandals, and Barbed loafers, all adorned with unique design elements and materials. Burberry's exquisite jewellery collection, including Armour, Shield, Hollow, Spear, and Rose pieces. Pilot sunglasses offer an updated take on the classic aviator style, adding a touch of contemporary flair to any ensemble.

From head to toe, Burberry's collection encourages a coordinated approach to fashion. Colors, prints, jacquards, and knits can be worn harmoniously, creating a cohesive and striking look. Water-inspired motifs, such as swan and duck prints, reflect the brand's focus on water resistance and proofing, adding an element of intrigue to the overall aesthetic.

Daniel Lee's evolution of Burberry showcases the brand's commitment to British heritage while embracing innovation and modernity. With meticulous attention to detail, refined tailoring, and a vibrant color palette, Burberry's Spring/Summer 2024 collection invites fashion enthusiasts to embark on a sartorial journey that blends the traditional and contemporary.