Dauphinette’s Spring-Summer 2024 Collection: Unveiling the Whimsical World of Protective Forces

September 12, 2023

In Dauphinette's Spring-Summer 2024 collection, designer Olivia Cheng explores the multifaceted concept of "protection" through a captivating blend of tangible and spiritual forms.

Olivia Cheng

This collection delves into various aspects of human and animal life, from religion and masculinity to marriage and physical extremities, all seeking refuge in their own unique ways. Cheng's creative vision invites us to contemplate the significance of sacred practices when viewed from a fresh perspective.

With twenty-five living artworks, Dauphinette's collection paints a vivid and whimsical portrait of the protective forces that shape our lives, embodying a unique fusion of tenderness, fierceness, and temptation in the world of fashion.

Amidst the bustling atmosphere of fashion week, some nuances might momentarily fade into the background. Yet, during the Dauphinette presentation, a collaboration with Bandolier emerged as a standout moment. Olivia of Dauphinette and Bandolier joined creative forces, crafting six distinctive phone case designs for the runway.

By integrating quirky elements such as googly eyes and wig hair, the duo not only enthralled attendees but also challenged conventional fashion norms. This collaboration perfectly encapsulates the modern melding of functionality, avant-garde style, and playful innovation in contemporary fashion.

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