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Devonté Hynes Embodies the Ultimate Gucci Look at the Grammys

Devonté Hynes Embodies the Ultimate Gucci Look at the Grammys

Devonte Hynes, wearing Gucci, with Lewis Pesacov, Adam Tendler, and Christopher Rountree at the 66th GRAMMY Awards, Los Angeles, 2024.

As the stars descended upon the 66th Annual Grammy Awards, it was Devonté Hynes who captured the essence of innovation with his fashion choices and musical flair. Draped in Gucci’s Fall Winter 2024 collection, Hynes reflected the intricate relationship between his music and style, both deeply rooted in a rich tapestry of cultural influences and craftsmanship.

Elegance Personified

At the 66th Annual Grammy Awards, the distinguished quartet of Lewis Pesacov, Devonté Hynes, Adam Tendler, and Christopher Rountree exemplify elegance on the red carpet at the Arena, Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

Hynes showcased a sartorial narrative as diverse as his musical odyssey. Adorned in a tailored gabardine wool coat from Gucci’s Fall Winter 2024 collection, Hynes’ fashion echoed his artistic evolution. From his early days of punk-rock with Test Icicles to the folk-rock undercurrents of Lightspeed Champion and the R&B and electronica fusion of Blood Orange, his wardrobe choice at the Grammys was a physical manifestation of his ever-evolving music career.

This transformative journey in style and sound has led to recognition in the classical music sphere, with his album “Fields,” a collaboration with Third Coast Percussion, being nominated for two classical Grammy awards. His attendance at the Grammys, therefore, was not only as a fashion icon but as a testament to his multidimensional presence in the music industry, celebrated for both his innovative contributions and his bold forays into new genres.

Craftsmanship Redefined

The sartorial narrative progressed with the ensemble’s dark brown wool pants, reflecting the coat’s finesse. The tailored fit not only amplified Hynes’ presence but also echoed his musical career’s seamless transition into classical realms, most notably with his debut classical album “Fields” in collaboration with Third Coast Percussion. The black leather mocassins, adorned with Gucci’s iconic Horsebit detail, were a testament to Hynes’ rootedness in Gucci’s legacy and his own explorations in music and fashion.

Gucci’s Modern Legacy

Gucci found in Hynes a kindred spirit, a modern man whose wardrobe speaks to the brand’s history of dressing not just bodies but personas—those who carry with them the legacy of music and the indomitable spirit of fashion.

Through this piece, Hynes’ relationship with Gucci becomes a statement—each stitch and note, each fabric and melody, celebrates the union of tradition and innovation, much like his albums that have transcended traditional music boundaries. His presence at the Grammys was not merely a moment of fashion but an exposition of his artistic ethos—evolving, embracing, and expressing the full spectrum of human creativity.

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