Dior haute couture fall winter 2022-23

July 5, 2022

Dior Haute Couture AW 2022-23 Groupshot © Laure Sciacovelli

Maria Grazia Chiuri presents the Dior Haute Couture fall winter 2022-2023 collection. The starting point for this collection comes from Ukrainian artist Olesia Trofymenko's work and the tree of life.

The tree of life

"The tree of life connects all forms of creation; it supports the sky and connects it to the earth through its branches and roots. Olesia Trofymenko's emblem is in line with stylistic codes shared by many lands. Maria Grazia Chirui contemplates fashion through the filter of art, exploring this territory of traditions that appear both enduring and revolutionary, just like couture. This Dior collection is thus composed of a series of pieces that resonate with the imagination of different folkloric customs inspiring all cultures in an open dialogue."


"The branches, the trunk, the roots of the tree of life. A vision that features freely on several garments thanks to the profusion of sumptuous embroideries made of cotton threads, silk, and yarn. Beige nuances are sometimes punctuated with a touch of black or blue. These embroideries requiring the time necessary to achieve ultimate excellence, are deployed on cotton fabrics, wool crepe, silk, and cashmere."

The show setting, photographed below, illustrates the delicate and sensuous themes of this couture collection. Special celebrity guests included Maye Musk, Celeste, Naomi Watts, Sigourney Weaver, Elle Macpherson, and many more. Explore the full couture collection, scenography, and the stars in Dior, below, courtesy of Dior.


Celebrity guests

Runway looks