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Dior Homme fall winter 2018

Dior Homme fall winter 2018


Kris Van Assche presents Dior Homme, Winter 2018-2019 in Paris. The premise of the collection takes, “Youth, the freedom to embody an ideal with reckless abandon. [And] age, a sense of looking from the outside in.”

This is a collection where the gilded meets the grunge. A graphic symbol, a common tattoo in the 90s, becomes a repurposed symbol for the house when presented on a graphic tee. The same symbol when presented as a collar pin as part of the iconic sartorial Dior Homme suit pays homage to the house’s history of intricate patternmaking. Oversized denim, long sleeve shirts layered under tees, sneakers, and long sleeve tees with cuffs that recall emo subculture are just a few of the many references to grunge. The result is a dreamy teenage wasteland peppered with Kris Van Assche’s interpretations of Dior’s savoir-faire suiting and the ironic compositions of a teenage wardrobe. Daring, technical, and fresh, this new wave collection is one that catches the delicate space in-between youth and adulthood… a collection that “reflects the eternal call-and-repeat of youth and manhood.” Images courtesy of Dior.

Dior Homme Winter 2018-2019 Finale. Photo by Adrien Dirand.
Groupshot of Dior Homme Winter 2018-2019. Photo by Danko Steiner.
Dior Homme Winter 2018-2018 catwalk. Photo by Adrien Dirand.
Kris Van Assche and cast. Photo by Romain Mayoussier.
Kris Van Assche, Robert Pattinson, Big Sean. Photo by Romain Mayoussier.
Sidney Tolenado, Karl Lagerfeld, Kris Van Assche, Bella Hadid. Photo by Romain Mayoussier.


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