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Dior Men winter 2023

Dior Men winter 2023

Dior Men Winter 2023

Kim Jones presents the Dior Men Winter 2023 collection in Paris. The Dior Men Pre-Fall collection was shown last month in Cairo.

Collection Notes

The cycle of a fashion house is about regeneration and rejuvenation, just like the cycle of fashion itself. There is always something of the past in the present and future, and Dior is no different. In this collection, we wanted to look at the regeneration of the house after the death of Mr. Dior and its rejuvenation with Mr. Saint Laurent – his chosen heir – drawing a parallel in literature through imagery and themes in The Waste Land. It’s where an old world meets a new one, in change and flux.

Kim Jones
Dior Men Winter 2023
Dior Men Winter 2023

Motifs & Inspiration

The Thames and the Seine: the ancient flow of history and mutability through their regenerating and rejuvenating waters; a movement from country to city to sea that is always different and always the same. The great rivers of London and Paris, with their connotations and contrasts, their light and murk, serve as both literary motifs for T. S. Eliot and living inspiration for Kim Jones, the Artistic Director of Dior Men.

Periods conflate in this living and literary history, spanning ancient landscapes and modern cityscapes. Here, the eddies and flows of the water reflect those of fashion, including the Winter collection, where flux, movement, ease, and fluidity are central. It is also a reflection of the dynamism sought by Mr. Yves Saint Laurent with his ascent to the helm of Dior at the age of 21 – the youngest couturier in history.

Dior, Fall Winter 2023, menswear, pret a porter
Dior, Fall Winter 2023, menswear, pret a porter

Yves Saint Laurent for Dior

65 years ago, on the 30th of January 1958, Yves Saint Laurent presented his debut collection for Dior and the fashion world was changed once more. It is this Spring-Summer ’58 collection that is mainly drawn upon for Jones’ Winter offering, the men’s histories intertwining with a melding of the masculine and feminine, with British tailoring traditions and materials meeting that of the haute couture tailleur.

Infusing all is a sense of movement, modernity, practicality and ease, a streamlining from excess towards an amalgam of the formal and the casual in individual garments. Silhouettes are softened, curved and malleable while clothes are hybridized and metamorphosed, worn in individual ways with the agency of the wearer. An effortlessness infuses all, belying the precision and complexity of a collection that never looks over-complicated.

Dior Men Winter 2023, catwalk

An Echo of Mr Saint Laurent

At times garments are taken directly from the archive, transposed and transformed: the sailor top from Mr Saint Laurent’s ‘Paris’ ensemble is loosened in cavalry twill and also becomes an elongated fisherman’s smock; the off-the-shoulder tailoring of ‘Acacias’ adapted with slouching insouciance for masculine wool suiting, part of a new recurring silhouette and ensemble; the ‘Passe Partout’ coat with its loosely tied neck now cocoons in a new slubbed, Donegal tweed with the addition of zipped open sleeves.

At the same time, the traditional vernacular language of knits is subverted through a sculptural approach to styling and draping together with a melding of tailoring. In counterpoint, startlingly new pieces such as 3D printed shoes and boots, and archetypal sea-faring utilitarian outerwear extend the reach of the house’s savoir-faire to an unprecedented contemporary level. Meanwhile, bags primarily take on an idea of discretion, elegance and precision, stripped of extraneous elements with a box construction in Vernis – an echo of Mr Saint Laurent’s striving for modern simplification.



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