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Dior Men’s Spring 2024

Dior Men’s Spring 2024

DIOR unveils the DIOR Men’s Spring 2024 collection designed by Kim Jones. Notions of high style meet everyday wear. The collection is a curation of male archetypes spotted with elements of military, preppy, workwear, businesswear, jock, smart, and casual. Referring to Ray Petri’s Buffalo styling, where couture is fused with streetwear, the new line expresses Kim Jones’ design ethos.


There is an exploration of the possibilities of tailoring. Not only have we moved away from the rigidity of the hard, constructed shoulder to something softer and more malleable, but we have also embraced the potential of what tailoring can be beyond questions of construction. We’re really asking what constitutes a suit now. There is the importance of self-styling; it’s about not being dictated to but the freedom of wearing what you want how you want.

Kim Jones


DIOR Men Spring 2024

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