Dior Men’s Unveils the B33 Sneaker and Accessories Collection with Revolutionary NFC Technology

July 3, 2023

Following the spectacular Dior Men Fall 2023 show in Cairo, discover the exceptional B33 sneaker collection, a groundbreaking creation that showcases the brand's iconic codes while embracing urban relaxation and the craftsmanship of Dior's Ateliers. Blending functionality with refined aesthetics, these sneakers are set to make a lasting impression. What sets them apart is incorporating an encrypted key, offering exclusive new services and a truly innovative experience. Get ready to elevate your footwear game with the B33 sneakers, available from July 13th.

Unveiling Three Versions

The B33 sneakers captivate with three enchanting versions, each representing the epitome of style and sophistication. The first version entices with the luxurious softness of mohair, adding an exquisite touch to your look. The second version showcases the essential Dior Oblique toile, an iconic pattern that reflects the brand's rich heritage. Lastly, the third version dazzles with a reimagined denim design from the coveted Dior Tears capsule, infusing contemporary charm into the sneaker lineup. Adorning the sole is the irresistible emblem, while the signature "30, Avenue Montaigne" elegantly graces the heel in delicate shades of gray, a nod to the signature color of the brand's founding couturier.

Revolutionizing the Sneaker Experience

Embracing innovation, the B33 sneakers introduce an encrypted digital key embedded with NFC technology, discreetly placed in the sole of each right foot. This key unlocks a personal and secure platform, offering dedicated services tailored to your needs. Within this digital realm, you can access the certificate of authenticity for the sneakers, ensuring their genuine quality. Gain deeper insights into the different stages of the manufacturing process, immersing yourself in the meticulous craftsmanship behind these exceptional sneakers.

Stay one step ahead with exclusive preview announcements for future sneaker launches, fueling your passion for fashion. Dior is an inventive laboratory driven by collaborative intelligence and relentlessly pursuing innovative solutions.

A Limited Edition Collectible

Expanding on this bold concept, a limited and numbered edition of the B33 sneakers features a Digital Twin Collectible. These unique creations fuse mohair with Dior Oblique, resulting in 470 original copies that will be exclusively available on on July 6th. Connected to their digital counterparts, these three-dimensional creations exemplify the fusion of artistry and technology.

Perpetuating the Spirit of Innovation

Dior's B33 sneakers offer a unique connected experience, perpetuating the art of detail and excellence that the House of Dior holds dear. Witness the meticulous craftsmanship and stay ahead of the fashion curve with preview announcements for future releases. Experience the artistry, excellence, and innovation that define the House of Dior as the B33 sneakers become the epitome of style and technological advancement.