DIOR Presents Exclusive Pop-Up Stores for DIOR TEARS Capsule Collection

July 14, 2023


DIOR is set to inaugurate a series of exclusive pop-up stores worldwide dedicated to showcasing the highly anticipated DIOR TEARS capsule collection. This unique collection results from a collaboration between Kim Jones and guest designer Denim Tears, merging elegance, singularity, and classic style. Embracing the timeless allure of denim, the collection features iconic bags like the Saddle and Dior Lingot and stylish B33 sneakers.

Creating an Enchanting Atmosphere with Dior Tears

Each ephemeral boutique housing the DIOR TEARS collection is transformed into a captivating space adorned with monumental installations and gigantic inflatables. These organic shapes, visible from the surrounding streets, create an alternative universe within the store, where sound, shadows, and lights evoke a poetic and dreamlike ambiance. Musical sessions further enhance the immersive experience, turning the pop-up into a living space full of surprises.

Monumental Installations and Digital Projections

The pop-up stores are brought to life with video projections that echo the specially designed DIOR logo, featuring a profusion of flowers. These digital displays, created by artist Azuma Makoto's studio, provide a visual feast for visitors and can be accessed by scanning a QR code. Eras and cultures are celebrated through this exceptional encounter within the pop-up spaces.

Exploring a New Dimension of Fashion

DIOR TEARS is a collection that pushes the boundaries of fashion, reflecting the brand's commitment to innovation and artistic collaboration. The pop-up stores offer an exclusive opportunity to discover the meticulously crafted pieces of the collection and experience a unique atmosphere that blurs the lines between art and fashion.

A Celebration of Timeless Style

With seamless elegance, singularity, and timeless style, the DIOR TEARS capsule collection captures the essence of modern sophistication. The collaboration between Kim Jones and Denim Tears infuses the collection with a sense of cultural exchange and creative synergy, paying tribute to the rich heritage of denim and its significance in fashion history.