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Discover Aspen and St. Moritz: Inside Louis Vuitton’s Luxe Winter Resort City Guides

Discover Aspen and St. Moritz: Inside Louis Vuitton’s Luxe Winter Resort City Guides

Where luxury meets winter’s embrace – the Louis Vuitton City Guide collection has been the discerning traveler’s gateway to the world’s most enchanting winter destinations since 1998. Marrying practical insights with cultural depth, each guide in this collection is a treasure map to the splendors hidden in snowy paradises.

A Festive Journey to Winter Wonderland

As the holiday season sparkles to life, Louis Vuitton unveils an exclusive box set, guiding you to the opulence of winter resorts like Courchevel and Aspen. Here, the thrill of winter sports dances with the elegance of luxury living.

The Exclusive Louis Vuitton Winter Resorts City Guide Box Set

Artistic Visions of Snowy Paradises

Renowned illustrators such as Tom Haugomat and Sarah Mazzetti bring each destination to vibrant life, with strokes that color the serene landscapes and thrilling slopes of these exclusive retreats.

Artistic Impressions of Winter Resorts by Louis Vuitton’s Collaborators

A Confluence of Sensibilities

From the medieval charm of Kitzbühel to the pristine slopes of St. Moritz, each guide reveals the unique allure of these locales, promising a travel experience etched in memory.

St. Moritz and Kitzbühel as Illustrated in the Louis Vuitton City Guides.

The Quintessence of Travel Trends

This collection is a curated anthology of experiences – from lavish hotels to quaint local eateries – each reflecting the vanguard of travel trends for adventurers and connoisseurs alike.

A Digital Journey at Your Fingertips

The Louis Vuitton City Guide app is your digital concierge to the world, offering a constellation of exclusive content, up-to-the-minute updates, and personal stories that breathe life into each city’s unique narrative.

The Louis Vuitton City Guide Box Set is your personal invitation to surrender to the allure of the winter season, curated through the artistic visions of celebrated illustrators. Embark on this luxurious journey by visiting your nearest Louis Vuitton boutique or download the LV City Guide app to start your adventure to the world’s most exquisite winter resorts today.

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