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Discover Gucci Ancora: The New Chapter of Grace in Gucci’s SS24 Collection

Discover Gucci Ancora: The New Chapter of Grace in Gucci’s SS24 Collection

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Milan has been the witness to a remarkable fashion evolution as Gucci introduces its Ancora campaign, a journey into personal expression orchestrated by the visionary Creative Director Sabato De Sarno. This pivotal campaign presents De Sarno’s premier Spring Summer 2024 collection, a homage to the transformative power of fashion.

Lime Light: Gucci Ancora’s collection pops with electric lime, infusing a daring zest into classic silhouettes.

The Symmetry of Style

The Gucci Ancora narrative is a symphony of contrasts, a dance of solids and voids that redefines the visual lexicon of contemporary elegance. Captured by David Sims’ masterful lens, the campaign is a tribute to the roots of fashion photography and its profound influence on Sabato De Sarno’s aesthetic journey.

Denim Blues: Echoing the deep hues of the ocean, Gucci Ancora captures the essence of relaxed luxury.

Faces of the Future

Ana, Fadia, Jiahui, Nyajuok, and Violet emerge as the faces of Gucci Ancora, each embodying the campaign’s ethos of sensuality, confidence, and raw beauty. They are the muses who reflect the brand’s commitment to diversity, each telling a unique story through the collection’s pieces.

Sartorial Narratives Crafted for the Everyday

Sabato De Sarno, drawing inspiration from his formative experiences with fashion photography, collaborates with Sims to weave a tapestry of real life and empowerment. The Ancora collection is a testament to the power of essential, crafted pieces that bring forth an effortless elegance meant for the everyday.

A Spectrum of Sophistication: Gucci Ancora enlivens the palette with crisp black and soft ivory, a testament to understated glamour.

Behind the Scenes: The Creative Alchemy

The Ancora campaign is a collaboration of creative minds: Riccardo Zanola’s art direction, Alastair McKimm’s styling, Lucia Pieroni’s makeup artistry, and Duffy’s hair styling. Together, they create a collection that speaks to the Gucci ethos, inviting every woman to a life of individuality and empowered elegance.

The Essence of Gucci Redefined

With the Ancora campaign, Gucci reiterates its invitation to live authentically, to find strength in personal style, and to celebrate the emotional resonance of fashion. This is a campaign that not only showcases a collection but also a new direction for Gucci under Sabato De Sarno’s creative vision — a direction that continues to inspire and define luxury fashion.

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