Discover LOEWE FW24: A New Narrative in Men’s Fashion

January 21, 2024

A selection of LOEWE's Fall/Winter 2024 menswear collection hangs against a backdrop of colorful, expressive artwork, featuring a variety of pants including green leather, classic denim, and bold red stripes.

In a groundbreaking move, LOEWE's Fall/Winter 2024 men's collection, presented at Paris Fashion Week by Jonathan Anderson, unveiled a bold collaboration with artist Richard Hawkins. This alliance marked a new chapter in men's fashion, intertwining Hawkins's unique perspective on masculinity with LOEWE's design ethos. Hawkins, known for his collage artworks that reflect today's multifaceted celebrity culture—from TMZ to social media—brings a vibrant, collaged realness to the collection.

Breaking Conventions: A Multitude of Characters

The LOEWE FW24 collection boldly steps away from traditional fashion norms. It challenges the concept of a singular look, instead presenting a diverse array of characters and styles. This range includes everything from leather trousers and coats to more casual pieces like fatigues and tracksuit bottoms. The collection's straightforward expression of style becomes so blatant that it conveys a sense of restlessness, mirroring our constantly connected and collaged reality.

A Crystallized Vision: Direct and Unequivocal Style

The collection is a foray into a crystallized American iconography, where every piece tells a story. Key items like the coat, the suit, the blouson, and the long cardigan are designed with a directness that speaks volumes. Accessories are not just complementary but integral, as seen in the Biker and Combat boots, skater sneakers, and the unique way pieces are connected—shoes to socks, socks to trousers, and so forth. This approach reflects a sardonic take on fashion, imposing rather than merely proposing a look.

Collage in Motion: Artistry on Clothing and Accessories

Hawkins's influence is evident in every aspect of the collection. His artwork is transformed into prints, jacquards on knits, and embroideries on oversized Squeeze bags and the Puzzle Fold tote. These pieces feature embellishments like leather marquetry, glass studs, and fringes, showcasing LOEWE's commitment to intricate craftsmanship.

Art Meets Fashion: The Show Venue

The show venue itself was a spectacle, resembling a white cube with large screens that recalled stained glass windows. These screens displayed a series of 12 video collages by Hawkins, blending new footage with imagery of LOEWE brand ambassadors and internet personalities, drawn from a variety of sources. This setting was a nod to the iconic LOEWE window displays by José Pérez de Rozas from the 1960s, further blending the lines between art and fashion.

A New Era of Men's Fashion

LOEWE's FW24 collection is more than a fashion statement; it's a cultural commentary on the modern world's collage of images and the evolving narrative of masculinity. With Richard Hawkins's artistic vision, LOEWE redefines men's fashion, offering a collection that is as thought-provoking as it is stylish. This collaboration sets a new standard for the fusion of art and fashion, reflecting the complex layers of today's masculinity.

[Images courtesy of LOEWE]