Discover Louis Vuitton Fine Jewelry for the Holidays

November 8, 2022

From Monogram Star and Flower motifs to V-shaped statements and trunk stud impressions, the exquisite pieces from the Louis Vuitton LV Diamonds and Empreinte Fine Jewelry collections draw their essence from the Maison’s emblematic codes in bold and contemporary ways to celebrate each facet of everyday life.

Louis Vuitton High Jewelry

In the LV Diamonds collection, Louis Vuitton offers a unique vision of diamonds through creations that spark universal emotions. As symbols of commitment, these pieces of jewelry pay homage to our bonds with and attachments to people, both to loved ones and to ourselves, and to those precious moments spent together.

With Empreinte, the Maison asserts a jewelry collection full of character, writing an ode to travel in clear lines and bright strokes. Interlaced rings and bracelets resemble the leather straps that fasten the Maison’s legendary luggage, and—like the LV Diamonds pieces—are an allegory for the relationship between loved ones, making all of these pieces the perfect gift this holiday season.