Discover Marguerite Humeau’s Orisons: A Reverent Earthwork in Hooper, Colorado

August 2, 2023

Marguerite Humeau's Orisons

Colorado's San Luis Valley is now home to Marguerite Humeau's awe-inspiring earthwork, Orisons. The subtle yet powerful installation covers a sprawling 160-acre plot in Hooper, Colorado. It transforms previously unfarmable land into a sacred space that pays homage to its rich history, existing ecosystem, and boundless potential.

A Kinetic Tribute to Nature's Interrelations

At the heart of Orisons lies a series of 84 kinetic and interactive sculptures intricately designed to invoke the land's deep-rooted history and intricate web of interconnectedness. Humeau's work blends seamlessly with the natural landscape, fostering a profound and contemplative experience for visitors.

Marguerite Humeau's Orisons
Marguerite Humeau: Orisons

Plan Your Visit

To experience Orisons firsthand, reservations are available from April through October each year. While exploring the site, visitors are encouraged to embrace the meditative quality of the self-guided outdoor experience. Listen to the melodic sounds of 77 wind-activated sculptures, marvel at the large-scale net sculptures inspired by Sandhill Cranes, and reconnect with nature in this sacred space.

Enrich Your Experience

While journeying to Orisons, consider immersing yourself in the region's beauty. The drive from Denver, Colorado Springs, or Santa Fe ranges from approximately 3 to 4 hours. The nearest international airport is Denver International Airport, with limited EV charging stations in the San Luis Valley.

A Meaningful Encounter

Orisons is a unique opportunity to connect with nature, history, and inner thoughts. As you explore this remarkable earthwork, take the time to appreciate the profound experience of being part of a landscape transformed into a site of reverence.