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Discover the Mesmerizing World of BED j.w. FORD Spring Summer 2024

Discover the Mesmerizing World of BED j.w. FORD Spring Summer 2024

As the morning sun rises, dispelling the remnants of a midnight dream, a sense of anticipation fills the air. The swift passage of time both terrifies and comforts us, reminding us of the ever-moving world. Amidst the fading cherry blossoms, we find solace in knowing that new blossoms will soon emerge, signaling a renewal cycle. Mornings, however, are never repetitive; each day brings something new and exquisite, just like the clothes of BED j.w. FORD SS24. This collection begins a new chapter after a long night with a blend of familiarity and novelty.

BED j.w. FORD SS24, Look 3
BED j.w. FORD SS24, Look 3

Shinpei Yamagishi’s Pure Creative Soul

Shinpei Yamagishi, the mastermind behind BED j.w. FORD exudes pure joy and gratitude for his fortunate life. As a designer deeply involved in fashion and Paris, his collection represents his authentic state of mind—a testament to his passion for creating garments that excel in form and function. His journey leads him to explore the concept of “morning luckily comes around,” capturing the essence of alternative elegance and discovering a reality that blurs the line between dreams and waking life.

A Captivating Prelude

Before opening the 23A/W runway show in Tokyo, guests gathered in a Renaissance-style mansion surrounded by terracotta corridors and Art Deco-designed salons. The atmosphere was filled with joy and anticipation as coffee and wine flowed, creating an ambiance reminiscent of the Parisian experience BED j.w. FORD sought to recreate. The show commenced with swaying long coats, symbolizing the changing seasons and embracing the concept of “Refrain” from the previous season—a demonstration of inclusivity and the brand’s dedication to conceptual themes.

BED j.w. FORD SS24, Look 12
BED j.w. FORD SS24, Look 12

Alternative Reality and Defined Shapes

BED j.w. FORD’s core essence lies in the exploration of alternative realities and the pursuit of subjective perspectives. The collection juxtaposes the dream-like haze of reality with the defined shapes created through meticulous attention to materials, silhouettes, accessories, and intricate details. Shinpei Yamagishi’s upbringing in a fishing village facing the Sea of Japan influences his unique “dressed-up” aesthetic, fusing innocence with sophistication. Translucent camouflage patterns, smoky color palettes, and contemporary pieces blended with high-end silk coats and suits challenge conventional norms and breathe new life into classic styles.

The Essence of BED j.w. FORD

Hailing from Ishikawa, Japan, Shinpei Yamagishi is a self-taught designer who established BED j.w. FORD in 2010. His distinct perspective and dedication to crafting conscientious clothing garnered attention, leading to runway shows and collaborations with renowned brands. The rebellion against classicism and stereotypical portrayals is evident in BED j.w. FORD’s fabric choices shimmer with dull lamé threads and showcase translucent allure. The collection celebrates unique optimism with motifs exuding innocent playfulness, offering a fresh interpretation of men’s wardrobes and redefining casual elegance.

BED j.w. FORD SS24, Look 4

Unveiling an Unexpected Captivation

BED j.w. FORD’s allure lies in its ability to transcend reality and capture an unexpected captivating presence. The collection effortlessly merges contemporary appeal with timeless classicism, revealing a casual and carefree disposition cultivated through the designer’s originality. Each garment is meticulously designed, emphasizing quality over quantity and highlighting the truth hidden within men’s wardrobes. BED j.w. FORD invites you to embrace the allure of the unexpected and live in the moment, relishing the most pristine components of life.

Step into BED j.w. FORD’s world and immerse yourself in the captivating essence of their SS24 collection. With each meticulously crafted garment, Shinpei Yamagishi invites you to embrace the unexpected and experience the transformative power of fashion. From the dream-like haze of reality to the defined shapes that define the collection, BED j.w. FORD blurs the boundaries between the familiar and the novel, offering a fresh perspective on contemporary elegance.

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