Doublet spring summer 2022

June 27, 2021

Masayuki Ino presents the doublet Spring/Summer 2022 collection titled “My Way.”

The world is becoming extremely convenient and comfortable to live. “This is no good, that’s not good. If you do this, your social media will blow up so be careful." “This is good, that’s very good because it does not have a bad effect on nature.” the world, television and the internet tell us. Everyone is looking in the same direction and hoping for a bright future.

The way of thinking like that is necessary and I think it’s important. However, I feel uncomfortable walking along the roads that are being guided by society and being too well-behaved and serious. People say, “It’s cool because this clothes are made by environment friendly materials. I wonder if fashion was that kind of thing. 

Fashion is something that makes you feel excited, wants to meet someone, wants to go somewhere and creates conversation and communication. I’ve been designing clothes with that in mind.

If so, rebellious punk fashion with environment-friendly materials is here. Let’s make bad clothes that are made in good way with honest and to the evil way. To blow away the contradictions that overflow in the world. Like Sid Vicious who sang the cover of Frank Sinatra’s song.

Masayuki Ino