Dreamer Boy drops ‘Over Everything’

March 21, 2022

Zach Taylor, better known as Dreamer Boy, dropped his new single "Over Everything." The twenty-four year old is known for his dreamy shoe gaze meets disco sound with hits like "Puppy Dog," "Falling for the Wrong One," and "Lavender," which combined have 40 million streams. Listen below.

“'Over Everything' is about going off and doing your own thing but remembering when it was simpler when that person was the only thing on your mind. I hope it’s a fun one to dance to.”

Dreamer Boy

Dreamer Boy

He goes on tour in June with another Rain contributor, BENEE, who he has a song with, "ARE YOU LETTING GO?" Clairo, Blackbear, Kevin Abstract, and Omar Apollo are other like-minded that have collaborated with the rising musician.

Take a listen below!

Instagram: @dreamerboyblue