Fashion editorial

Dreamers can’t be tamed

April 3, 2021

Photographer Cristian Pena and stylist Silvia Orell capture Diogo Gomes is a stunning equestrian editorial story.

Fashion by Gucci, Loewe, Inpe, Jacquemus, and Valentino. Hair and makeup by Moises Freire, art direction by Lucia Yañez, photographer assistant, Jonatan Rodriguez, stylist assistant Sigrid Brave.

Blazer and trousers by INPE, jewelry by RIGIDO
Vest by ACCES, jeans by LEVI'S, hat by LOEWE, boots by GUCCI
Shirt by VALENTINO, jewelry by RIGIDO
Suit by JACQUEMUS, boots by GUCCI
Shirt by ABANDERADO, trousers by INPE, boots, vintage, jewelry by GUCCI, hat by STETSON
Shirt by ABANDERADO, hat by STETSON, scarf by LOEWE
Suit by JACQUEMUS, boots by GUCCI