Dries Van Noten spring summer 2022

June 24, 2021

Dries Van Noten presents the spring summer 2022 collection in Paris. As a reaction to lockdowns in Antwerp, Van Noten aimed to pay homage to a life full of carefree fun. Something of an escapist daydream, the colorful collection took a new departure toward more relaxed tailoring. Exciting prints and patterns combine with an ultra relaxed silhouette against the backdrop of Antwerp. Explore the full collection below.

“Lock down was hard on all of us and especially when I started to design this collection with my team as it was very restrictive and frustrating. We all yearned for a time when our lives were more free. We found ourselves almost bursting out and going through photos on our phones, needing to relive memories of moments when life was carefree and sociability possible. And so the idea was born.... Bring these moments to life again though wearing them... Anticipate the future we will all certainly enjoy together again by celebrating such moments already lived now!”

Dries Van Noten