Dries Van Noten’s Autumn Elegance: A Belgian Vision of Avant-Garde Innovation

January 20, 2024


At Paris Fashion Week, Dries Van Noten's Autumn Winter 2024-2025 menswear collection unfolds as an eloquent exploration of contrasts. This season, the Belgian designer weaves a narrative that balances the unexpected with the elegant, challenging traditional menswear norms with innovative twists and reimagined classics.

Harmony in Contrast

The collection is a testament to Van Noten's mastery of juxtaposition – rustic textures merge with refined finishes, while sophisticated pieces are presented with casual ease. The designer's vision challenges and redefines how garments are traditionally worn, with side-zipped sweaters and twisted shirts presenting a new way to experience luxury.

Reimagining Silhouettes

Van Noten extends the menswear silhouette with lean, elongated coats and flowing cargo trousers. Oversized knitwear drapes effortlessly, creating relaxed shapes that offer a fresh take on formality. The collection's footwear, fitting like gloves, and elongated gloves themselves, continue this thread of thoughtful extension.

Material Richness

Rich in texture and material, the collection features knitted sleeves and fringed scarves that add depth to clean suiting. Heritage fabrics from traditional English mills are reworked into contemporary tailoring, while military materials find new life in modern pieces, including a fresh interpretation of the British waxed jacket.

Subtlety in Print and Colour

The collection's palette is sophisticated and nuanced, with muted prints and a subtle strangeness in broken, distorted pixel motifs. Overdyed and washed fabrics suggest a storied, lived-in feel, while colours like delicate corals, pinks, and camels are interspersed with organic moss tones and inky blues. Soft sock shoes and gleaming safety pin jewellery complete the look, adding understated yet striking details.

The Essence of Refinement

Dries Van Noten's Autumn Winter 2024 collection is a dialogue with time, a blend of traditional tailoring and avant-garde innovation that questions and redefines what it means to be elegant and refined in the modern age. Each piece is an invitation to experience menswear through a lens of boldness and artistry, where the past's elegance is transformed into tomorrow's innovation.

As the collection wraps up its Paris Fashion Week presentation, Dries Van Noten leaves a mark on the trajectory of menswear, proving that elegance can be both comforting and challenging, familiar yet brand new.