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Rick Owens spring summer 2020

Rick Owens spring summer 2020

It’s no surprise Nicole Phelps writing for Vogue drew comparisons of this collection to the 1927 German film Metropolis. The film is full of prescient speculation and historical artifact. These also have always been the codes for Rick Owens.

This collection transported us to a parallel dystopia where what we know and denote meaning to has changed. Perhaps receding hairlines denote power, authority, or beauty, as do elaborate angular headdresses. A brilliant display of bright silver, gold, and iridescence was a clear departure from Owens’ traditionally black color palette. Pentagrams and jumbo lighters imagined as accessories walked in contrast to the bubbles floating about along the runway.

The collection seems a dystopian vision or perhaps a posit to wonder if the protagonist is faced with a choice, rebellion or complicity. Explore the full collection below. Images courtesy of OWENSCORP.

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