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EENK’s 2024 S/S Collection: A Journey from Yesterday to Today

EENK’s 2024 S/S Collection: A Journey from Yesterday to Today

For the Spring/Summer season of 2024, EENK unveils “Y for Yesterday.” This captivating collection serves as a bridge between classic femininity and robust modernism. The collection is rooted in the retrospective insights of Hyemee, the designer, blending her personal history and the illustrious past of EENK.

Empowerment through Evolution

The collection sees a transformation of symbols: what once stood for limitation and strict formalism now bursts forth as a symbol of empowerment. Elements like delicate lace, traditionally associated with bygone eras, find themselves repurposed into assertive tailoring pieces, deftly marrying the past’s aesthetic with the present’s ambition.

EENK designer Lee Hyemee

Fusing Archives with Modernity

In this fresh interpretation, nostalgic touches such as intricate lace detailing converge with popular silhouettes from EENK’s archives. The result? Unanticipated structures radiating confidence and grace. From hand-knitted vintage corsage dresses to elongated shirting, from formidable trousers and jackets to the subtle hues of soft cyanotypes — each piece is a testament to modern-day femininity.

A Gentle Touch to Menswear

Beyond the women’s line, “Y for Yesterday” ventures into the realm of menswear. But this is not menswear as one might typically know it. EENK introduces delicate, refined pieces, suggesting a nuanced perception of masculinity, adding depth to the collection’s narrative.

The Essence of “Y for Yesterday”

This collection is more than just clothing; it’s a philosophy. It posits that the past can seamlessly transition into the future, and in doing so, “yesterday” seamlessly becomes “today.” It’s a celebration of evolution, memory, and forward-looking vision, all captured in fabric and design.

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