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EGONLAB unveils the SS24 Collection “Toute première fois,”

EGONLAB unveils the SS24 Collection “Toute première fois,”

EGONLAB presents their highly anticipated 8th collection, “Toute première fois,” inviting us to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and liberation. This season celebrates the power of choice, the beauty of growth, and the pleasure of embracing our true selves. With a rebellious spirit and meticulous craftsmanship, EGONLAB challenges conventions, defy gender norms, and creates a blossoming wardrobe like the “flower of evil.”

EGONLAB SS24, Look 9

Rebirth through Choice

Drawing inspiration from the words of Patjim Statovci, EGONLAB highlights the transformative nature of choice. “Toute première fois” captures the essence of rebirth and decision-making, urging us to shed our old selves and assemble new identities like a jigsaw puzzle. In this collection, every garment symbolizes empowerment, life, and pleasure.

EGONLAB SS24, Look 33

A Blossoming of Bodies

EGONLAB’s exploration of the body takes center stage, transcending traditional notions of gender and embracing unique forms. Meticulously tailored silhouettes enhance curves, creating open and subversive identities. A blend of punk and sensuality infuses the wardrobe as bodies break free from conventions and converge in an endless celebration.

Crafted Materials and Unconventional Pairings

Denim, leather, and exquisite materials punctuate EGONLAB’s open wardrobe, amplifying the tactile experience. Skin against skin, the collection invites us to embrace the sensory aspects of fashion. With a focus on uniqueness and individuality, each piece is designed to awaken the soul and ignite passion, reminding us of the exhilaration of our first encounters.

Embracing a New Masculinity

EGONLAB challenges traditional notions of masculinity, encouraging us to embrace the fluidity of our identities. Regardless of past labels or societal expectations, this collection celebrates the beauty of all combinations. Man or feminine, the puzzle of life welcomes every iteration as a winner, inviting us to embrace the body that resonates with our true selves.

EGONLAB SS24, Look 10

Collaborations and Exquisite Details

EGONLAB’s 8th collection features extraordinary collaborations with renowned talents. Key looks created with Umbro China merge EGONLAB’s signature aesthetics with Umbro’s fantastic vision. Leather boots from TOGA VIRILIS and heels from Syro complete the ensemble, while Linda Farrow provides stunning eyewear. Special pieces, including a chromatic masterpiece by Le Chemin des maquettes and Flávio Juán Núñes, adorn the runway.


The Sound Experience: EGONLAB’s devotion to sound and music takes center stage by collaborating with Devialet and artist Pablo Bozzi. Music becomes an integral part of the collection, creating a multi-sensory narrative that amplifies the emotions. With the help of Devialet’s exceptional audio expertise, a 26 Phantom choir brings EGONLAB’s love for music to life. Pablo Bozzi crafts an intoxicating soundtrack, pulsating with heartbeats and body rhythms, captivating the audience and elevating the sensory experience.

Conclusion: EGONLAB’s 8th collection, “Toute première fois,” is a testament to the power of choice, self-expression, and embracing one’s true identity. With meticulous tailoring, unconventional pairings, and captivating collaborations, EGONLAB pushes the boundaries of fashion, inviting us on a transformative journey. From the liberation of the body to the immersive sound experience, this collection redefines what it means to be truly free, promising a radiant and unforgettable season.

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