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Elevate Your Style: Best Hair and Outfit Combinations for 2024

Elevate Your Style: Best Hair and Outfit Combinations for 2024

It’s an excellent plan to assess your current closet as we move into the new calendar year to determine which accessories can be added to the combine, which are on the verge of being outdated, and which may be reimagined. According to specialists, 2024 is going to see an upsurge of ’90s-inspired looks, such as jelly accouterments and collegiate prep, along with some unanticipated inspirations, including jazz, vintage femininity, and grandfather. 

The fashion predictions for 2024 unveiled during Fashion Month demonstrate that, despite Gen Z’s ability to endorse a pattern, they are only sometimes the individuals who started it. Wondering how to maximize your style with the best hair and outfit combinations? These are the 4 combinations to consider!

  1. Jelly Fashion

As we approach 2024, a homage to the ’90s style remains resilient, with jelly accouterments experiencing a significant comeback. Everyone’s favorite crustacean will influence all facets of human existence in 2024. The spongy design is driven by Gen Z and Millennials, who seek items like “jellyfish hats” and “jellyfish hairstyles” to incorporate them into their looks. In order to retain your curly hair’s luster, consider this creamy shampoo for curly hair

  1. Polished Preppy

Although the “COVID days” allowed individuals to embrace their inner goblin and promoted loungewear, style experts claim that the fashion community faces an explicit backlash against overly informal looks. Seek polished details and well-defined contours. The comeback of the striped shirt and billowing suits in bold hues indicate a yearning for this timeless, refined look. With this polished preppy look, you may consider either a sleek open-hair or a bow-ponytail look. 

  1. Grandpa Chic

Coastal Granny may officially depart, and Bohemian Grandpa will replace her place as an alternative emblem. You need to keep in mind retro streetwear, elegant cardigans, and tailored clothing. The popularity of keyword phrases like “multifaceted apparel design” and “grandpa trend” is rising by +130% and +60% respectively. Consider open wavy hair with bangs in the front to pull off this grandpa chic style. 

  1. Volume & Shapes

The key to 2024 clothing is playing with length, thickness, and curves rather than sticking to a strict fit and wearing a short jacket and thin jeans. Overstated lengths will be seen in a variety of clothing items, including long dresses, enormous straight-line coats, and an unexpected return to popularity for drop-waist gowns. 

Customized bottoms in flowy materials like cupro, gaberdine, and sometimes sateen for a shiny finish have replaced wide-legged jeans. Complement the entire look by wearing these back to a blazer that matches. The hairstyles that will accompany this trend are long layers and luxurious volume. 

You’re missing out on the actual fashion trends if you’re struggling to feel carefree or celebratory this year despite wearing your sparkliest outfit and your go-to glittery eyeshadow. So, above are the top 4 hair and outfit combinations in 2024 for a glitzy appearance. Hope you will be able to pick a fashion that matches your aura! 

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