Embracing the Call of the Sirens: Jeanne Friot’s Mythical Collection Beckons with Restorative Fashion for Spring-Summer 2024

June 23, 2023

For the spring-summer 2024, Jeanne Friot draws inspiration from the allure of mermaids—a figure steeped in mythology, dreams, and anguish. These mythical creatures embody a hybrid nature, their existence constantly evolving. Whether half-female, half-fish, or half-bird, they transcend patriarchal epistemology, serving as a metaphor for the queer body—a body that constantly reinvents itself and perseveres in the face of adversity.


Legislative Battles: Echoes of Struggle and Resilience

Recent legislative actions highlight the ongoing struggles faced by marginalized communities. Tennessee's Senate Bill 14 banning drag shows and Kentucky's law suppressing the rights of trans individuals and denying essential care to minors stand as poignant reminders of the challenges faced. Against this backdrop, the siren song resounds—a powerful cry for help, seeking liberation, and calling for acceptance.


A Tale of Silent Desires: Rediscovering the Little Mermaid

In 1837, Hans Christian Andersen crafted his own rendition of a siren—a tale that permeated our childhood memories with its glittering utopia. However, beneath the enchantment lies Andersen's self-censorship and the repressed yearning—an unspoken representation of homosexual love. The Little Mermaid, an emblem of invisible desire, becomes a profound symbol within the collection.

Resonating Metaphors: Giving Voice to the Past

SIRENS emerges as a collection that breathes new life into silent metaphors of the past. It serves as an act of restoration—a transformative force that heals what was broken. Garments from yesteryears are deconstructed and reconstructed, showcasing a symphony of unraveling and reknitting. Shirts are fragmented and reassembled; jeans take on new forms. Collaborating with Cahu, wide black bags bear inscriptions of alarm, visually embodying a sense of urgency.

Reparative Reading: Nurturing and Celebrating Identity

Inspired by the "reparative reading" concept coined by queer theorist Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, SIRENS embraces a vision of nurturing and healing. It defies conventional fashion boundaries, inviting a reparative approach to identity. The collection transcends limitations, embodying a celebration of diverse narratives and experiences.


A Catalyst for Change

JEANNE FRIOT, a sustainable and genderless fashion brand in Paris, catalyzes this artistic journey. With limited series of products and a strong emphasis on craftsmanship, it serves as a reaction, an answer, and a solution. It exists in a realm where boundaries fade, allowing for the reflection and celebration of multiple identities.

A Celebration of Differences

With an unwavering spirit and contemporary energy, Jeanne Friot celebrates the kaleidoscope of our multiple identities. It encourages us to embrace our authentic selves and find beauty in the harmonious coexistence of differences. SIRENS stands as a restorative collection—a reclaiming of silenced narratives, a resounding cry for help, and a song of hope envisioning a future where acceptance and diversity flourish.