Emporio Armani fall winter 2023

February 24, 2023

emporio Armani fall winter 2023

Giorgio Armani presents the Emporio Armani fall winter 2023 collection in Milan. The show is titled 'The Circus of Life.'

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emporio Armani fall winter 2023
Giorgio Armani, finale

Collection Notes

The Circus of Life.

Like an Elizabethan theatre, when staging the every day, Giorgio Armani consistently suggests clothes that bring out the person, not the character. With Emporio Armani, this style credo takes on an eclectic, urban inflection tinged with impalpable humor.

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Subtle Irony

For the next autumn/ winter season, the irony is subtle but evident, like the dazzling smile of the model whose giant picture acts as the backdrop to the catwalk, summing up the spirit and attitude of the collection.

Small hats, asymmetrically buttoned jackets, and evening tops with grosgrain straps are reminiscent of stage clothes, filtered through the Armani eye. The collection is svelte and light: short hems set the mood, paired with boots that give everything a graphic tone, alternated with flowing trousers.

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The silhouette is precise and snappy, with distinct shoulders and waist defined by high bodice belts. The interplay of masculine and feminine is a clear DNA trait, expressed in plays of volumes and textures, with shiny surfaces mixed with mohair, canvas, and textured velvets, in an amalgam of blacks, whites, and greys with touches of intense magenta and metallic radiance.

Day and evening are interchangeable in clothes and accessories: embossed velvet bomber jackets, large shoppers covered in sequins and a shirt collar as a necklace on the evening dress. Like the theatre, everything comes back around within the ring, with the emergence of an unusual classicism.

Key Looks