Enchanting Narratives and Sonic Landscapes: Exploring Ashnikko’s Debut Album ‘WEEDKILLER

August 26, 2023


As anticipation builds for Ashnikko's long-awaited debut album, "WEEDKILLER," set to release on August 25th, fans and critics are bracing themselves for a musical journey of self-discovery. Having amassed over 2.5 billion streams, 1 billion YouTube views, and a staggering 4.2 million TikTok followers, Ashnikko's 13-track concept album is poised to become a creative landmark, showcasing her most intricate artistry yet.



"WEEDKILLER" represents a pivotal moment in Ashnikko's career, introducing listeners to a narrative-driven sonic landscape. The album's storyline revolves around a fantastical civilization brought to ruin by insidious machines that thrive on organic matter. In this imaginative saga, the faerie protagonist embarks on a path of vengeance by fusing with technology, a poignant commentary on the pressing issues of environmental degradation and the relentless evolution of machinery.

To complement this rich narrative, Ashnikko has gone above and beyond, crafting her own DC comic book titled "Husk: A Tale From The Weedkiller Wastewoods." The album's lore is intricately woven into this accompanying visual art, immersing fans deeper into the album's thematic universe.

Early praise from critics is well-deserved. Rolling Stone aptly describes Ashnikko's endeavor as "a magical, post-apocalyptic world," while The Guardian hails it as a "climate crisis-evoking conceptual opus" that delves into the tribulations of a tribe of faeries under siege by the eponymous killing machine.

"WEEDKILLER" Single Artwork

Ashnikko's upcoming headline tour, set to kick off next month, is shaping up to be her most ambitious to date. With more than 130,000 tickets already sold, she's poised to grace iconic venues such as the Brooklyn Mirage on September 26th and the Hollywood Palladium on Halloween night. The tour promises to be a visually and musically immersive experience that brings the album's themes to life on stage.

Photo Credit: Vasso Vu

"WEEDKILLER" emerges as an album that transcends music. Ashnikko's storytelling, combined with her distinctive sound, offers listeners an unparalleled artistic experience. With its thought-provoking narrative, evocative visuals, "WEEDKILLER" is poised to become a touchpoint for conceptual musical artistry in the music world. Follow Ashnikko for more on Instagram @ashnikko.