Etro Act Weaves Homeric Elegance into the Fall/Winter 2024/2025 Fashion Narrative

February 22, 2024

A model walks the runway in a layered outfit from Etro's Fall/Winter 2024/2025 collection, featuring a maroon coat with silver accents.

Etro's Fall/Winter 2024/2025 Collection, entitled "Etro Act," is a sartorial odyssey that intertwines the past with the present, weaving a narrative that stretches from the ancient epics to the modern runway. Under the creative direction of Marco De Vincenzo, the collection embarks on a Homeric journey, exploring the textures of human emotions and the richness of history through fabric and design.

A Journey Without a Map

In the spirit of Ulysses' adventures through unknown lands and unforeseen encounters, "Etro Act" captures the essence of exploration without the confines of a predetermined path. The collection presents a metaphorical expedition through the sediments of history, where each garment symbolizes an archeological treasure, a relic of time enriched with contemporary artistry.

Masks and Emotions

Ancient theatre's practice of using masks to depict fluctuating emotions is mirrored in the collection's use of oversized masks as runway backdrops, and miniaturized as intricate jewelry. This symbolizes the brand's homage to the dramatic arts and the multifaceted nature of human expression.

The Fabric of History

De Vincenzo's approach is akin to an archeologist, sifting through the layers of Etro's past to uncover and reinterpret the brand's heritage. He describes this process as finding pieces of himself within the sedimentation of the label's history, crafting a narrative that's both personal and universal.

Winds of Messina

Drawing inspiration from the wind-swept straits of Messina, the collection brings to life the motion and turmoil reminiscent of Ulysses' journey. Garments flutter and envelop the body, with light layers and skirts climbing like scarves, while firm coats and jackets offer protection and structure.

The Alchemy of Prints

The collection's prints are an alchemical transformation of traditional techniques—foils on felt, stencils on leather. Paisley is reimagined as a large knitted stitch turned inside out, while thick upholstery fabrics are tailored into delicate jackets.

A Second Skin

In collaboration with Wolford, jacquards are transformed into body stockings, hugging the silhouette and creating a second skin. This juxtaposition of fragility and strength is a leitmotif that runs through the collection, merging the male and female wardrobes into a cohesive narrative.

The Color Palette

The color story told within "Etro Act" is one of stirring and mixing, akin to a painter blending hues on a canvas, with shades that eventually settle into a restful black. It's a visual representation of the journey's many facets, from the stormy to the serene.

A Proud Exploration

Etro's latest collection is a proud declaration of navigating the world without a compass, embracing the beauty of the journey over the certainty of the destination. It's an invitation to explore the rich tapestry of life with open arms and an open heart, much like the adventurers of old.

The Etro Fall/Winter 2024/2025 Collection, "Etro Act," is a testament to the brand's storied past and a bold step into the future of fashion, where each piece is a chapter in a grander story still being woven. It's a collection that promises to take its wearers on an odyssey of their own, through the landscapes of their imagination and the terrains of their personal style.