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Etro Celebrates the finest fabrics with the Men’s Spring Summer 2024 Collection

Etro Celebrates the finest fabrics with the Men’s Spring Summer 2024 Collection

In the enchanting city of Messina, Marco De Vincenzo stumbled upon a hidden treasure that would awaken his creative spirit and set the stage for an extraordinary men’s Etro collection. It was a book—an ancient tome filled with anonymous depictions of allegories, discovered by pure chance in an old bookstore. Little did he know that this serendipitous encounter would intertwine the past with the present, breathing new life into the world of fashion.


The book in question was Cesare Ripa’s Iconology, a seventeenth-century repertoire overflowing with allegorical images depicting virtues, qualities, and vices. As Marco delved into its pages, he embarked on a journey through esoteric arcana and whimsical representations, discovering hidden meanings and unraveling the essence of allegory. While these allegories may appear, at first glance, as relics of another time, a deeper reflection reveals their undeniable relevance to our modern era.

Forms of Expression

In today’s digital age, we communicate through a myriad of visual mediums: memes, GIFs, and TikToks. These forms of expression allow images to convey alternative messages, transcending the limitations of verbal communication. Similarly, the act of curating an outfit can be seen as an allegorical deed—an artistic endeavor that imbues image-making with profound communicative powers.

Drawing inspiration from this profound realization, the new Etro collection embraces an intuitive and deliberately non-scientific approach. It seamlessly blends ease with sacrality, manifesting in flowing shapes that delicately skim the body and rhythmic patterns that dance across its surface. The collection features an eclectic mix of generous blazers, bermudas, jumpsuits, fuzzy jumpers, football tops, and long cardigans, intertwining in harmonious juxtaposition.


Throughout the collection, allegoric images of Augurio Buono, Bellezza, Eternità, Lussuria, and Tenacità emerge in various forms—be it as vibrant prints or intricate jacquards. These symbolic motifs weave a narrative of solemnity and playfulness, capturing the essence of Etro’s artistic vision. The accessories further cement this delicate balance, with hyper-vulcanized wallabees, square-toed doll shoes, and intarsia bags serving as talismans of sartorial expression.

Ultimately, allegory is synonymous with symbolism—a figurative treatment of one subject under the guise of another. This concept lies at the very heart of fashion itself, where every garment becomes a vessel for storytelling, enabling us to suspend reality and embrace a realm of make-believe. Etro’s collection serves as a vivid testament to the transformative power of allegory, intertwining past and present, tradition and innovation, and inviting us to embark on a journey where imagination knows no bounds.

In the ever-evolving landscape of fashion, where trends come and go, the allure of allegory remains timeless. Etro’s collection invites us to embrace the deeper meaning behind the garments we wear, to celebrate the artistry of symbolism, and to embark on a transformative journey where fashion becomes a vehicle for self-expression and storytelling. As we delve into the world of allegory, let us remember that behind every stitch lies a tale waiting to be unraveled, an allegory longing to be expressed.


The Etro Men’s Spring Summer 2024 collection attracted a diverse and influential group of guests who gathered to witness the celebration of fine fabrics and allegorical storytelling. Among them were renowned figures from the worlds of fashion, entertainment, and art. Notable attendees included Alton Mason, Daniel Donskoy, Luke Hemmings, Anna Dello Russo, and many others. Their presence added an extra layer of allure to the event, embodying the spirit of individuality and personal expression that the collection aimed to capture.

ETRO Men’s Spring Summer 2024

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