ETRO’s New “ESSENTIAL” Line: A Blend of Tradition and Modernity

October 7, 2023

Italian luxury brand ETRO introduces the first piece from their latest handbag collection: ESSENTIAL. With its iconic Arnica pattern, the line promises a mix of the brand's esteemed heritage with contemporary design sensibilities. At the heart of this new launch is the Etro Essential folder.

Detailed with a leather flap, this handbag boasts an eye-catching metal magnet closure embossed with the brand's signature Pegasus symbol. Inside, its accordion-style compartments underscore the brand's commitment to merging aesthetic appeal with practicality.

The beauty of the Essential folder lies in its versatility. Offered in both large and small iterations, the bag features a variety of color palettes, including black, brown, blue, burgundy, burnt brown, beige, and orange. Its adjustable shoulder strap, which is also detachable, allows the smaller variant to effortlessly transition into a chic clutch, suitable for evening affairs.

For those eager to own a piece of this blend of tradition and innovation, the Essential folder bags are now available for purchase on They can also be found at Etro boutiques and a curated selection of global retailers.