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Etro’s Trailblazing Vision: A Unified Runway Show and Exclusive Men’s Tailoring Boutique in Milan

Etro’s Trailblazing Vision: A Unified Runway Show and Exclusive Men’s Tailoring Boutique in Milan


A Grand Unveiling at Milan Fashion Week

Etro is set to redefine the runway with its upcoming co-ed show during Milan Fashion Week this February. In a bold move, the storied fashion house will present its Women’s and Men’s Collections together, weaving a unified narrative that showcases the brand’s distinct stylistic vision.

A seamless blend of style: Etro’s co-ed collection promises to merge masculine and feminine designs with artful grace.

The Fusion of Male and Female Universes

Marco De Vincenzo, Etro’s creative director, speaks of “imagination as a land of endless opportunities.” With this philosophy, the February show is poised to encapsulate Etro’s fashion ethos, demonstrating the unifying force of the brand’s codes since De Vincenzo’s notable appointment one and a half years ago.

The Birth of a New Boutique

Etro is expanding its empire with the opening of a new boutique dedicated solely to men’s tailoring, located on the prestigious Via Montenapoleone. This flagship store will open its doors on January 14th, during men’s fashion week, and will also offer an exclusive Made to Order service.

A Tailoring Collection for the Discerning Gentleman

In line with the boutique’s inauguration, Etro will present its new men’s tailoring collection to a select group of international buyers at the brand’s showroom. This collection promises to uphold Etro’s reputation for exceptional quality and exquisite design.

With Etro’s innovative approach to Milan Fashion Week and the exciting launch of its dedicated men’s tailoring boutique, the brand continues to chart a course that honors its rich heritage while boldly stepping into the future. Join Etro on this visionary journey, where every thread is a testament to the brand’s enduring legacy of style and sophistication.

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