ÉTUDES N°22 Channels Parisian Elegance for its Autumn Winter 2023 Campaign

September 6, 2023

In Études' latest campaign, ÉTUDES N°22 | CENTRE-VILLE, the brand channels the charm of Paris to introduce its Autumn-Winter 2023.24 collection. Captured by photographer Ola Rindal, this campaign presents fashion against the timeless backdrop of the city of Paris.

Études and Paris: A Love Affair

Études has a deep-rooted connection with Paris, often drawing inspiration from its streets and atmosphere. The ÉTUDES N°22 | CENTRE-VILLE campaign continues this tradition, merging contemporary fashion with Parisian elegance. This campaign's striking contrast between Paris's urban bustle and its historical beauty creates a visually captivating narrative.

Fleeting Moments and Shared Memories

Capturing the essence of everyday life in Paris—the chance encounters, cozy café conversations, and play of light on ancient architecture. The campaign portrays authentic moments that tell the story of the city's spirit, making fashion a vessel for these memorable experiences.

In Études' ÉTUDES N°22 | CENTRE-VILLE campaign, fashion becomes art and storytelling. It not only presents the Autumn-Winter 2023.24 collection but also immerses viewers in the magic of Paris. Through Ola Rindal's lens, the campaign preserves the essence of fleeting moments, celebrating the encounters, exchanges, and reveries that define life in this timeless city. Discover more on