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Exclusive Reveal: The VIA Tile Trunk – A Digital Icon Reserved for Louis Vuitton’s Most Loyal Aficionados

Exclusive Reveal: The VIA Tile Trunk – A Digital Icon Reserved for Louis Vuitton’s Most Loyal Aficionados

Marking ten remarkable years at the helm of Louis Vuitton’s Women’s Collections, Nicolas Ghesquière continues to redefine luxury. His tenure has been characterized by a fusion of tradition with cutting-edge innovation, a vision that is once again realized in the latest digital endeavor of the brand.

Step into the future of luxury with Louis Vuitton’s VIA Tile Trunk, a testament to Nicolas Ghesquière’s 10 years of innovative artistry. Photo courtesy of Louis Vuitton.

The VIA Tile Trunk: A Digital Masterpiece

On the iconic Champs-Élysées, Louis Vuitton embarks on a new chapter in its digital odyssey, unveiling the VIA Tile Trunk. This digital collectible, designed by Ghesquière, encapsulates the spirit of travel and the heritage of Louis Vuitton, mirroring the Maison’s iconic Damier motif through an exquisite digital form.

An Exclusive Collectible for the Digital Age

This limited edition piece, with only 200 units available, is a testament to exclusivity in the digital landscape. Priced at 6000€, the VIA Tile Trunk is available solely to VIA Treasure Trunk owners, offering a unique addition to their digital collection and an unparalleled experience in luxury.

A Prelude to the Hong Kong Show

As Louis Vuitton prepares for an upcoming show in Hong Kong, the VIA Tile Trunk serves as a precursor, inviting clients and enthusiasts to join in a digital odyssey that challenges the conventions of luxury. This digital collectible is not just a possession but a gateway to an evolving narrative of elegance and technological progress.

Merging Tradition with Technology

As Nicolas Ghesquière celebrates a decade with Louis Vuitton, the Maison looks to the future with the VIA Tile Trunk, embracing the digital revolution. This new release is more than an object—it’s an experience, a journey, and a bold new step for Louis Vuitton as it continues to navigate the exciting intersection of heritage and innovation.

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