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FACETASM SS24 imagines a collection inspired by memories and feelings of a landscape

FACETASM SS24 imagines a collection inspired by memories and feelings of a landscape

FACETASM unveils its SS24 collection in Paris, a mesmerizing ode to memories and landscapes. With deep gratitude to their partners and supporters, Hiromichi Ochiai and the FACETASM team proudly present a collection that transcends reality, weaving together dreams and design.

FACETASM SS24, Look 25

A Magical Thank You

Amidst the unveiling of the SS24 collection, FACETASM takes a moment to express heartfelt appreciation to the tireless collaborators, devoted artisans, and cherished loved ones who have made this vision a reality. The unwavering support from the FACETASM community has inspired this breathtaking showcase of creativity and love.

Unveiling a Fantasy

Embarking through the SS24 collection, FACETASM merges memories and landscapes into a tapestry of extraordinary designs. Immerse yourself in a realm where imagination reigns supreme, as each garment becomes a vessel for joy, nostalgia, and excitement.

Witness the harmonious fusion of craftsmanship and artistic vision as Hiromichi Ochiai pushes the boundaries of fashion in the SS24 collection. FACETASM blends textures, colors, and patterns with playfulness, creating a symphony of self-expression.

FACETASM SS24, Look 15

Celebrate Growth, Embrace Possibilities

In this “Coming of Age” collection, FACETASM invites you to celebrate growth and embrace the boundless possibilities of self-expression. With gratitude for their community and a passion for pushing the limits of fashion, FACETASM invites you to step into a realm where landscapes and memories intertwine, creating a fantastical journey of imagination.

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