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FENDI Men’s FW24: A Sartorial Dialogue Between City and Nature

FENDI Men’s FW24: A Sartorial Dialogue Between City and Nature

Ren Meguro, Guitarricadelafuente, Arón Piper, Lazza, Seydou Sarr, and Moustapha Fall seated front row at the FENDI Fall/Winter 2024/2025 show, showcasing an eclectic mix of personal styles against the minimalist backdrop of the runway.

FENDI’s Fall/Winter 2024-25 Men’s Collection unfolds as a narrative that bridges the tranquil outdoors of the highlands with the pulse of urban life. Artistic Director Silvia Venturini Fendi envisions a line where functionality meets finesse, outfitting the modern man with a wardrobe that speaks both of necessity and Roman opulence.

The Urban Outdoorsman

The collection stands as a testament to FENDI’s ingenuity, merging utilitarian practicality with a touch of Italian luxury. Each piece, from the sumptuous overcoats to the elegant tailoring of suits, carries the dual DNA of rugged outdoor wear refined by city sleekness.

Textures and Tones

With the soft rub of blanket wools against the sleekness of polished, all-weather cloths, the collection offers a tactile experience like no other. A hibernal palette of earthy tones is accented by bursts of cornflower blue, cherry, and canary yellow, artfully applied in contrasts or tone-on-tone for a subtle yet impactful visual statement.

The Kilt Reimagined

FENDI redefines the Scottish kilt with pleated shorts, checked skorts, and classic trousers with a modern twist. Leather Wellingtons and hiking socks complete the look, infusing a highland spirit into contemporary menswear.

Opulence in Outerwear

Nicholas Galitzine was prominently seated in the front row at the Fendi Fall/Winter 2024/2025 fashion show during Milan Fashion Week, showcasing the event’s magnetic appeal to notable personalities. The show took place on January 13, 2024, in Milan, Italy. Photo credit goes to Jacopo M. Raule/Getty Images for Fendi.

Generous coats with Selleria leather and suede ‘corduroy’ details stand beside waterproof jackets and luxurious bombers. Tailoring meets playfulness in color-blocked knitwear, showcasing FENDI’s mastery over materials and form.

Celebrity Panache

Michele Bravi, Victor Belmondo, Ed McVey, Aaron Pierre, and Leonetta Fendi were all present in the front row, adding glamour to the Fendi Fall/Winter 2024/2025 fashion show at Milan Fashion Week, captured on January 13, 2024, in Milan, Italy. Photo courtesy of Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images for Fendi.

The show’s allure was heightened by the presence of celebrities like Ren Meguro, Guitarricadelafuente, and Arón Piper, who brought their unique charisma to the collection, embodying the FENDI man’s multifaceted persona.

Accessories: The Finishing Touch

The accessories line is all about curves and contours. The Siesta bag and hobo are notable for their soft shapes, while footwear like lace-up deck shoes and Selleria-stitched Wellingtons underscore the collection’s theme of luxury functionality.

Kit Harington graces the front row at the Fendi Fall/Winter 2024/2025 show in Milan Fashion Week, captured on January 13, 2024, in Milan, Italy. Photo courtesy of Pietro S. D’Aprano/Getty Images for Fendi.

Innovative Collaborations

In a striking move, FENDI partners with Ma Yansong/MAD Architects, bringing a futuristic twist to the Peekaboo ISeeU and debuting a new sneaker that challenges conventional design with ergonomic flair.

Sound and Vision

The collection’s presentation was as much an auditory experience as it was visual, with a bespoke soundtrack by Nico Vascellari and Rocco Rampino resonating in the backdrop, encapsulating the collection’s essence in rhythm and melody.

As the FENDI Men’s Fall/Winter 2024-25 collection makes its mark, it stands as a statement of lifestyle, inviting the modern man to embrace a wardrobe where the allure of nature meets the rhythm of the city. Explore the full collection here and below.

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